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 Using Standard Video Camera's (Cam~Corders)

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PostSubject: Using Standard Video Camera's (Cam~Corders)   Sun May 26, 2013 9:50 am

It obviously comes down to Personal Choice in the end...! , But I tend to ONLY Use Standard Cam~Corders to Record things like E.M.F. Meter (Activity)

I've yet to see anything amazing (Ghost/Entity/etc.) Wise shot using a Standard Cam~Corder ? , But... Hey... In saying that... I'll probably see some great evidence shot on one of these next week...LOL~

Although I haven't got a Standard Cam~Corder that's been converted to shoot in FULL SPECTRUM , I think that would be the way to go as far as Standard Cam~Corders go...!


Um... What can I really Say...? , Life's Short... So... Don't Waste It...!
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Using Standard Video Camera's (Cam~Corders)
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