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 Using A Standard Digital Still Camera

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PostSubject: Using A Standard Digital Still Camera   Sun May 26, 2013 9:40 am

Here in Australia it's VERY hard to purchase various Camera's for Use in the Paranormal Field... Even at a So Called Professional Camera House...!

I'm talking about Camera's that can take Photo's in a range of light Spectrums such as... I.R. "Infra Red" & U.V. "Ultra Violet" etc.

I can remember a time (Not too long ago) Ringing up just about ALL the Camera Houses in the State of Victoria asking about the Price & Availability of a Full Spectrum Camera , Only to get responses like... "Sorry sir... You want a Full What? Camera...!"

So... In most cases , Here in Australia Novice Ghost Hunters must settle for Standard Digital type Camera's with Limited abilities.

However... These Camera's can still be of use when trying to photograph paranormal items such as "Orb's" etc. , And some of the more expensive DSLR's have to ability to do Extremely Low Light Photography with excellent results.

Um... What can I really Say...? , Life's Short... So... Don't Waste It...!
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Using A Standard Digital Still Camera
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