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 Using I.R. (Infra Red) Camera's

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PostSubject: Using I.R. (Infra Red) Camera's   Sun May 26, 2013 9:59 am

Okay... I.R. (Infra Red) Camera's , Be they... Still Camera's , Cam~Corder or Even Security Camera's are in My opinion one of the BASIC Camera's needed for Ghost Hunting.

These Camera's basically see in total darkness with ONLY I.R. Light needed to support photography by the user.

The average I.R. Camera has come down in price quite a lot since I purchased My First one... They come in a large range of Sizes and Quality of Picture.

You can also purchase separate I.R. Support Lights/Torches/etc. to better illuminate the photographic area being shot etc.

Um... What can I really Say...? , Life's Short... So... Don't Waste It...!
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Using I.R. (Infra Red) Camera's
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