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 Introducing... Sergeant Volt!

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Sergeant Volt
Sergeant Volt

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PostSubject: Introducing... Sergeant Volt!   Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:14 am

Hey all. My name is Jarrod, a.k.a Sergeant Volt or simply 'Jazz'. I'm 18 years-old and a student at Kurnai College, currently studying Year 12 (fearing exams, lol) and hoping to become some form of graphic artist or writer. This isn't actually the first forum site I've been associated with. It turns out that I've been the Administrator of four previous sites, the reason for so many being 'lack of interest'. I am however a fluent writer (or so I've been told) and a decent artist (my avatar is one of my drawings). I can't remember exactly when I started to become interested in the supernatural/paranormal but I'm quite sure it was at a fairly young age. Generally quiet and reserved in person, I allow myself to come out more when I'm talking to friends on MSN or posting on my latest forum site. My role at S.T.E.P.S is currently just the web designer and co-administrator of the site, however I hope to join the main team and help out in some way, as long as I don't have to spend countless hours watching a screen for 'unexplained happenings', lol. I am also a consultant for various facts and theories regarding paranormal entities as I have done quite alot of research on the topic in my free time. Like most human beings I have fears and phobias. The most notable of these is vertigo (irrational fear of heights) and my former fear of clowns. I don't fear clowns now so much as I loathe them all. Seriously though, any man that wears make-up and can smile for hours on end should not be trusted (and I'm not referring to cross-dressers either, lol). Anyway, um... My favourite colour is green, preferred genre of music is Alternative Rock, and I have a cross-shaped scar on my forehead (no kidding, I really do). Thanks for reading! Very Happy

In times of great despair, you will find me laughing as the crimson demon devours your sweetest memories.

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Introducing... Sergeant Volt!
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