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 My First Supernatual/Paranormal Experience.

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PostSubject: My First Supernatual/Paranormal Experience.   Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:11 pm

I've now had quite a few... Experiences that have elements that just can't be explained away by Normal Logic etc. , But... My first experience will always stay in My mind as one of the most... Haunting of all , And... I'd like to share it with You all if I may...?

Okay... Roll the Way~Back Machine to Me at the age of 10 approx

One of the things I enjoyed back then was visiting My Grandparents and staying over for the night etc. , As these times were special to Me... For a start... I was allowed to stay up late and watch T.V. Shows that normally I couldn't...LOL~ , The usual set up was the Folding Sofa~Bed located in the Lounge room.

Anyway... This particular situation was different from the usual... (ie): My Parents had to travel Interstate and would be away for at least a few days... This was a Sudden event , And because Telephones were a luxury back in those days... My Grand Parents didn't even have a phone yet...! , So... We basically arrived on their door step that night... Un~Expected.

Because it was so... Sudden... My Nanna decided to place Me in Her bed for that night and She'd sleep in the spare room and set up My usual Sofa Bed the next night.

I no sooner got into bed and was getting prepared to go to sleep... When I suddenly felt this... Weight (Pressure?) on My lower Body and Legs...?? , Even at that age... I knew... Something wasn't quite right...? (ie): Why would Nanna Sit on Me...? , Or... Place some type of Heavy object on Me...?

I pulled down the Bed sheets slowely... It was then I went into complete "Shock" , (ie): Couldn't get a single sound out of My Mouth... Not the slightest noise..! , I could see this image... Semi~Solid looking... Of a Large/Bulky Man sitting on Me... Pushing My body partly into the Mattress.... He would look down at Me every so often (The whole experience probably only lasted for 45 seconds...?) , But it felt like Hours at the time...! , I could hear Him breathing in a raspy way... His breath stank like a Smell I've never smelt before then... And to this day... Have never smelt again..! , He seemed to be trying to convey some type of message...? to Me...? , But for the life of Me... I didn't know what? , And quite frankly... I just wanted this...??? Thing to just GO AWAY...!

I managed to gain the courage to at least pull the bed sheets over My face and eyes... So I couldn't see this Man... And tried to ignore it as best I could... Hoping it would leave Me... , I think I forced Myself to sleep that night... Because the next thing I knew... It was Morning once again.

I remember My Nanna asking Me how I slept in Her bed...? , I said I didn't much like it... And asked if I could just go Home...! , She looked shocked... (As if She knew something I didn't...?) , But... Didn't push the point etc.

Okay... We now have to bring the Way Back Machine a little into the future from that point in time... (ie): It's now the late 70's , I'm a young adult... I've got My first Car etc. etc. etc.

My Father asks Me to go and pick Up Mum from Nanna's Place... So... I climb in the car and head down to do that and say hello to Nanna while I'm at it...!

Well... When I get there... I find Mum.. Her Sister (My Auntie) and Nanna all sitting around the Kitchen table chatting about something...? , So.. I ask... What are We all talking about then...?

This is where things start getting interesting....LOL~ , Apparently... They are all discussing the attack on My Uncle's Mate the last weekend (ie): My Uncle is the Youngest of My Grand Parents Children an is only 8 years My senior... So I tend to think of Him as more of a Cousin than an Uncle.

Anyway... It seems He invited His Mate to spend the weekend at the House , And during the first night was attacked by... "Something" in the early hours of the Morning...? , He was found the next morning huddled in a corner of the room clutching a blanket , And covered in bruses from head to foot and basically scared half to death..?

This friend claims He was attacked by what He describes as a Large/Fat Man dressed in a Dirty Apron , That... Threw Him around the room like some type of Rag~Doll...?

It was at this time... I found out for the first time about the House "Ghost" , That everybody that lived at the House had experienced at some point in time or another...? , I started to hear about My Mum's own experiences etc. etc. etc. , I then asked the Logical question...? (How come nobody ever told Me about this before...?) , I was informed that this sort of thing JUST WASN'T talked about...? (Der!)

Anyway... I decided to open up and tell them about My Own experience as a Young Boy... (My Mum was Shocked that I had to experience such a thing at such a Young age etc.) , But... We all agreed it really didn't matter how old You are... These things can still shock You etc.

After that... I decided to look into this matter a little bit further... See if there was MORE to this than just Personal experiences etc. , I did find out a few things... (ie): Apparently... Back in the 1940's there was a type of... Migrant Work Camp situated in the Area... And the COOK~HOUSE as it turns out... Was on the same spot that was later used as the Site for the House that My Grand Parents had...?

Also... And this is really interesting... It appears that a COOK while in a state of deep depression... Hung Himself from the Rafters of the COOK~HOUSE one night...? (Something about Him loosing either a Girlfriend or Wife to another Man at the time...?)

All this got Me started into looking into the Supernatural/Paranormal , And back in the Mid 80's I actually approached the "Then" Owners of the House to ask if I could conduct a few Experiments..."Just for Fun really" , Using what little equiptment I had back then... (ie): A Portable Cassette Recorder...LOL~ (Well... Hey... I'd heard even back then about E.V.P's and how in some situations You can capture these on Tape etc.)

Anyway... The Owners refused...

Um... What can I really Say...? , Life's Short... So... Don't Waste It...!
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My First Supernatual/Paranormal Experience.
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