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 about me and my experiences

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PostSubject: about me and my experiences   Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:42 am

I have always had a sense of knowing ever since i can remember....the knowing that something was about to happen, the knowing of what another person was feeling and what was going to happen to them in the future etc i guess you could call me a psyhic and in a sense i am.

my first experience that i can clearly remember was at the age of 4....i went with my sisters to visist a friend of my oldest sister, the friend had a german shepard,and although we were on one side of the gate and the dog on the other...i knew it was going to bite me, no matter how much my 3 sisters and the friend as well as her mother said it wouldnt and it was harmless i still did not want to go though the gate as i just knew it was getting ready to attack...no sooner had the mother opened the gate did the dog run around my sisters and went straight for me biting me on the side of the tummy! while i am on this story i will add a little more...at the age of 15 i walking to the diamond creek station to meet a friend when a german shepard ran down a hill and bit me on my calf....at the age of about 32 i went to a spiritualist church and was told that i have a dog guiding me...not a hard guess the dog is a german shepard and this dog has been with me for many years!!
the only logic explaination i can come up with here is that animals are very very senstive to spirits and that these 2 dogs felt threatened by my guide dog!

my next experience i can recall was in grade 3 at altona west primay...i was in the play ground when 3 girls around the same age as me came up to me to tell me that one of the girls was born with no ears,,,i remember asking how she could hear and was told they drilled holes into where the ear was......ok thats not strange but i had never seen these girls before and never saw them again after that day....i was in my 30's i had a past life session done and was told that in one of my past lives i worked for atilla the hun as a spy cutting off the ears of people who didnt give the imformation i required at the time!!

at the age of 9 my family moved to diamond creek...one night just as i had hopped into bed, i had my feet hanging off the bed as it was summer and very hot i had just closed my eyes when i felt a hand grab me around the ankel then pull, as i quickly opened my eyes to see who it was the hand let go and one of our cats jumped onto my bed....being 9 and quiet scared i spent the rest of the night under the sheet regardness how hot it was....
a few nights later i had just closed my eyes when i saw all these faces flash in my face they were quiet scary and its only now as an adult that i realise it was faces from the astral plane..although i had closed my eyes i was still wide awake..i also experiences the faces of the astral plane flashing in my face 3 years ago when my step father died...

As i grew into a teenager then a young mother i blocked out any experiences with the other side..it wasn't until i was about 28 when i opened up again and started to experience more happenings....a lot of these experiences happened when i was just about to go asleep or jusat about to wake up although there are more that happened while i was awake.

my first psyhic attack happened at the age of 29..i had a great dream being granted 3 wishes by my spirit guide...just as i asked for the 3 wish i was thrown into my house into my bed...i woke up and could see my room quiet clearly and it wasnt until i lifted my hand up that i realised i still had my eyes closes it was then my body was completly parasilised i couldnt move at all after what felt like hours but was only a few seconds i could move again but it was long enough to know that something wasnt right there.
it was a couple years later that i had my first ever psyhic reading and that night was explained to me...as we move into the astral realams we pass though the astral plane which has good and bad just as we have on earth...ususally a learner or someone being awaken to there spiritual abilities they pass though the astral realams to get to the higher planes but its not until you know whats happeneing or what to do about it does it stop.

it was around that age and after many more psyhic attacks where i was pinned up on the wall unable to scream or call out that i decided to do a psyhic devolopment course to get a better understanding of what i had been experiencing all this time.

since doing the course up until today i have had many more expereinces....have often felt spirits around me felt them touching me...heard them calling my name quiet clearly when no one was around and have ssen them out of the corner of my eye....there was one time after becoming a single mother and unwinding after putting my 3 children into bed i saw a child and heard a child run up the hallway....so after telling this child to get back into bed i went to check who it was that was up and running around to find my 3 sound asleep..so some poor spirit child got told to go to bed that night!

also since doing the course i have devoloped my ability where i have become a psyhic reader connecting straight to the spirit guides..every now and again a loved one who has passed over will come into a reading...i also do healings in the psyhic sense more so on a councilling level, i do meditation with other people where i take them to meet their spirit guides and i am open to showing others what i know...

i dont claim to know answers to everything as i dont.....but by showing and reaching out to others i can help them find their own answers most times when they ask for it....its a very big universe out there and there is so much for us to all learn and many more experiences to have....

we may as well enjoy it while we are aware in this life time.....

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about me and my experiences
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