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 Fluorescent Lights....???

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PostSubject: Fluorescent Lights....???   Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:30 am

I had an interesting situation once... Ghost hunting situation... where the was a building with Fluorescent Light Globes fitted...!

Anyway... To cut a long story short... During the night We experiences some slight Paranormal activity... Nothing major... (ie): E.M.F. Spikes in conjunction with Cold~Spots etc.

But... One thing that "DID" catch My eye that particular night was... The apparent Semi~Lighting of Some of these Fluoro~Light Globes during the Night...???? , (ie): The Lights were turned OFF (Naturally) , But... Every now and then... An "ORB" Like Pattern would show itself across the Fluoro Globes...????

Could this "Possibly"? Be a useful Tool to develop in the future....???? , Perhaps a WALL...? , Made up of Fluorescent Globes fitted to a Door Like Frame....??? , Set up in a particular Location near a Video Recording Device...???

I might just look into such a (NEW) Tool in the future... Smile

Um... What can I really Say...? , Life's Short... So... Don't Waste It...!
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Fluorescent Lights....???
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