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 Untitled (For Now)

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PostSubject: Untitled (For Now)   Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:04 am

It was a curiously warm afternoon in the small town of Blackwood. Working men and women were returning home from their respective workplaces, eagerly awaiting greetings from their families before settling in for an unproductive weekend.

Phil Smith was an 18 year-old adolescent with an obsessive interest in the paranormal. It was not unlike the residents of Blackwood to regard Phil as nothing more than a 'ghost freak'. While this may seem harsh considering his otherwise reasonable demeanour, he was certainly not one of the popular teenagers in town. More polite than anything, his father referred to him as 'misunderstood'.

That afternoon, Phil locked himself inside his bedroom with a large bag of salty chips and his favourite DVD. He was perfectly content for the while until he heard an unwanted knock on the door. He quickly turned around, half-choking on a mouthful of cheese flavoured chips.

"Who is it?" he asked, finally gulping down the chips just as his eyes began to water.

"It's Dad." replied the man. "Your guests are here. I was wondering if you were going to get off your arse and show them in?"

Although rather unpopular, Phil was lucky enough to have a small group of friends that shared his interests. He first met them in High School after a ludicrously dull excursion to a random location the school staff decided would be 'educational'. They approached him upon noticing his copy of a familiar paranormal magazine entitled 'S.T.E.P.S'. Phil and his new comrades quickly grew on one another and would often arrange private gatherings to discuss any discoveries and occasionally play a video game or two.

The first of Phil's friends was a young woman aged 16 and living in a town 12 kilometres out from Blackwood. Due to the distance, she was forced to catch public transport in order to attend Phil's gatherings. Her name was Sera Illumini, a fair-haired half-Italian girl who spent most of her childhood in the Italian city of Venice. She learned English as a second language and was unliked by many of the students at her school. Subjected to name calling and constant verbal abuse, Sera was rarely seen hanging out with other people and instead found comfort in reading ghost stories in the local library.

Phil's second friend was a 17 year-old gothic punk with a fondness for black attire. Usually known as Travis Barker or 'Trav', he befriended Sera in Year 9 shortly after his transfer to her campus. According to Travis, he was expelled from his previous school because of 'complicated matters' which roughly translates to 'physical violence'. Travis was told to attend anger management classes at the early age of 9 and has since developed a resentment for the majority of humanity. Needless to say he never had many friends for long. He was not simply a psychopathic punk however as his knowledge of the occult and ghostly facts led him to the library where he first met Sera.

"Are you coming out of there or what?" his Dad asked impatiently.

"Yeah.. Yeah.. I'll be out in a minute." said Phil while trying to eject a DVD with one hand and holding a packet of chips in the other.

Frustrated with the ridiculously slow process of ejecting a single DVD, Phil threw the packet of chips at his TV set and lunged at the door handle. Within an instant he was racing down the hall and in to the lounge room to open the front door.

"Hey, Phil." said Sera, seemingly holding something behind her back. "I have a present for you."

Phil glanced over at Travis for a subtle clue as to what Sera was referring to, however he was met with rolling eyes and a disgruntled expression that screamed of boredom.

"Oh, really? For me? You shouldn't have..." said Phil nervously.

Sera's face lit up with excitement as she handed over a small red box. Phil unwrapped the tightly fastened blue ribbon and slowly opened the box. Nestled inside was a brand new mobile phone, coloured black and stylised with blue flames.

"Woah! Thank you so much!" he said, overwhelmed by Sera's generosity. "You're the greatest! How can I ever repay you?"

Sera grinned cheekily and leant over to Phil's ear.

"Just call me some time." she whispered.

[That's it for now! I would've written more but being New Years Eve, I'm somewhat busy today, lol. Expect more in early 2009!]

In times of great despair, you will find me laughing as the crimson demon devours your sweetest memories.

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Untitled (For Now)
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